I don't usually do a lot with my face and then I found 'Oka.' I love the smell, the texture and the after glow. I used it and my face feels so fresh, so new, so naturally smooth and I can see it glowing. A very unique, special and long lasting wonderful experience! It makes me appreciate my skin even some more! I would give it more stars if this was possible. I am naturally glowing!

Fola Komolafe

Wow, just wow. I have suffered fron back acne and bad scarring for years. I started using this body wash and noticed a change on my back within a week. A little goes a long way, the smell is refreshing and invigorating first thing in the morning. It doesn't dry my skin. Leaves my skin feeing soft, moisturised and clean. Soon I reckon I will have to fight off others in my household from using it. I'm really pleased with the difference this body wash has made to my skin. Thank you.


After suffering with very dry skin which is extremely painful in cold weather on my arms and legs for years and never finding anything that soothes, calms and helps I was absolutely over the moon to find a product that not only calms my skin but after a few days of use clears it up. This is a life changing product for me and I wouldn’t be without it now. Thank you so much.


Parcel arrived with fragile written on the box so I carefully opened it in suspense! Enclosed was a very well presented item carefully wrapped in tissue paper with a sticker label Naturally Tribal. I thought how lovely is this… The IYA body food is absolutely gorgeous a rich cream of bergamot and Shea butter, applies beautiful on the skin. For me, Naturally Tribal products is pure loveliness (the entire shopping experience) Highly recommend Naturally Tribal and this product x


My teenage daughter’s eczema flared up again after many years. She tried lots of different treatments but the Naturally Tribal Skincare Body Butter is the only one to cure it! Thank you!

Ranjit Singh

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