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I brought this for my daughter who has mild Eczema. I’ve used many other overly expensive products that worked for a few hours and then she’s left with dry skin. However so far I have to say that this is the best one yet, it leaves her skin looking moist for the entire day. It’s only been a week but it’s going good. Thank you

Kayann Lawrence

My partner suffers from really bad ezcema and has used steroid creams for years. Since using this cream he no longer using any steroid cream and this soothes and calms his flare ups. The cinnamon adds a lovely masculine smell and no other cream will do now. It's a firm favourite in our house!

Abigail Hamlett

The OROMA body wash is definitely my favourite body wash out there! The fragrance is so fresh and clean and it leaves my skin feeling nourished. Even better that it’s all natural ingredients. Oh...and the bottle looks cool in my bathroom!

Robert McKinnon

I received this as a gift from my sister at Christmas and within a few uses my eczema was manageable once again. Lovely texture, smells amazing and feels great on the skin. Have recommended to a friend with psoriasis hoping it will help him too. Thank you!

Sinead O'Brien

Finally treated myself to a peaceful bath, and what a gorgeous addition this is!! 😍 the smell is amazing - so fresh yet subtle and calming, gorgeously exfoliating, and I LOVE how the packaging and product even kind of mirrors a coconut with the dark glass and white product! My skin felt so nourished and soft for ages after!


I absolutely love this body food, and its now part of my evening routine. It smells soooo good and makes my skin feel plump and moist, no dry patches! The bergamot and ylang ylang, bring the spa feeling into my very own bathroom. It moisturises the skin without making it feel heavy. I would absolutely recommend this product. I love it!

Precious Zumbika-Lwanga

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